Proof that it wasn’t Ardern’s Government that saved us from Covid-19

It’s easy really, the Government has a 100% fail rate in everything that it set out to fix, resolve, improve or eliminate based on its pre 2017 election promises. So why was Covid any different?

Was it the Governments “go hard and go early” slogan that did it? Given the response wasn’t early, and who evens knows what the “go hard” part means, unless we were going to fight COVID with premature ejaculation. no? I somehow doubt it was that catchy slogan that fought off the virus.

Perhaps it just may have been (or as Ardern says “bin”) the same geographical benefit that all isolated and sparsely populated island nations located thousands kilometres away from anywhere enjoy when it comes to human communicable diseases. the best place to be in a pandemic. as a 2019 report stated, “New Zealand, Australia and Iceland could act as island refuges to save humanity from extinction in the event of a catastrophic global pandemic, researchers have found.”

Let us look at the Government’s success rate both pre and post the Corona outbreak on the issues of our time.

Before Covid we had challenges that were front of mind. Some real, some more propaganda-based exaggerations. But the labour government was going to sort it all out quick smart after “9 long years.” and they were going to be the “most open and honest, transformational” or now “foundational” while they righted the wrongs. Well we all know how the “open and honest” part has worked out. fail number one.

Here’s a list of the issues.

Mental Health



The environment

Climate change


Child poverty

And lastly the latest attempt of rolling out the Covid vaccination.

All the hard-hitting crises that Labour bleated about when they were on the opposition benches have been tackled by Ardern and her cronies. And one after the other they have not only failed to do anything meaningful to improve on them, but in most cases have worsened them so spectacularly that the only way you could improve things for them is to invent time travel and set the clock backwards.

If time were set in reverse, we would see a rapid improvement in housing affordability, an increase in new jobs, GDP would skyrocket, house prices would rapidly become more affordable, child poverty would improve and the only thing that would grow is immigration numbers – and the irony here is it was COVID that sorted immigration out.

The other big difference of setting the clock back would also be a lot less money being spent on what is improving.

Labour have achieved remarkably well in one area, which is no mean feat I may add. They have managed to throw huge amounts of money at everything that has then gone on to get worse or get less of a result than before they tried to fix it.

They are the equivalent of windows 8 which is a software update so bad that Microsoft changed their numbering to help people forget about it. It reminds me of the joke that goes something like; a tornado hit Huntly late on Friday evening and did $50,000,000 worth of improvements.

So back to Covid.

We are meant to believe that the Government who promised 16,000 affordable new houses in their first term and produced next to nothing, who promised sweeping changes to mental health to save lives from being victims of suicide, only to see the highest suicide rates on record we are to believe they are the team who fought and won the war on covid?

Are we to believe the Government that promised to reduce child poverty, who said they would make housing affordable, that climate change was our nuclear free moment and that all New Zealanders would be housed in 3 weeks from them taking office, only to see the wait list for social housing quadruple, for CO2 emissions to start to rise after they had been slowly dropping prior to Labour taking office, to have house prices rocket up faster than ever and continue to keep the poor poorer by increasing tax on petrol, and policies that increased weekly rent payments and housing affordability overall. but they nailed it when it comes to the “tricky little virus?”

So, now they have had a year to get used to COVID and finish patting themselves on the back for such a good job. We are learning our border has actually been leaking like a sieve, MIQ workers aren’t being tested and as for the vaccination roll out….mmmm, after all the Covid-19 “success” that they are meant to have achieved eh?. And we are to believe they saved us from COViD-19?

Yeah Na, or perhaps yeah right…

There is a reason we didnt get COVID-19 and here is a geography lesson for those of you who don’t get it

Map Given to the CORONA VIRUS for directions

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Another farcical Award for the celebrity scientists

Armed with his PhD in mathematic, Shaun Hendy told us 80,000 people are going to die from covid-19 if we didnt do anything about it. His claims sent us into an economy destroying series of lock downs that we now know were totally unnecessary and the supreme leader Ardern gives the guy a prize.

Fresh off awarding one of the other politically driven celebrity scientist with colourful hair the New Zealander of the year award, we now get Shaun” how many do you need” Hendy getting the Prime Ministers Science Prize. Oh please do not Knight Michael Baker or I’m going to pop a vein in my increasing forehead.

Lets just take a closer look at this 80,000 deaths that he calculated. Firstly, to date only 8 countries have reached over 80,000 deaths in total, all of which have over 60,000,000 occupants and are surrounded by other countries with huge inter country people movement.

The worst hit country with a population close to ours is Slovakia with 10,630 deaths to date. Slovakia is surrounded by COVID infested countries and has a GDP almost exactly half of New Zealand’s. Ironically in May last year they were the picture child of flattening the curve, but it seems investing heavily in Sputnik V vaccinations didn’t work out too well for them.

So a similarly populated country with half our GDP, surrounded by COVID and with a “Russian antidote” managed to only get 8 times less deaths than Hendy was computing NZ would face. It is like preparing for an expedition to the moon and saying pack your sun screen because you may accidentally land on the surface of the sun.

It gets better too, his modelling apparently helped us out of lockdown… How exactly? obviously not the same model that predicted 80,000 deaths. There will be those that say he was airing on the side of caution. Well tell that to all the owners of closed shops I see when I walk around the city. Tell that to those that haven’t yet been hit by the tsunami of economic hurt heading our way.

The guy leaped to stardom telling us 80,000 of us are doomed and our supreme leader used this to garner her control over when we can and can’t leave the house.

What’s more staggering is that a recent poll has people believing we are heading in the right direction, I’m sure the titanic was heading in the right direction too people.

I would like to personally, and on behalf of all those whose lives your dodgy modelling has ruined, say a big Fuck You Shaun and your team, you don’t deserve the prize you obviously so like collecting.

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History does repeat, The Split Enz were wrong

Even though there is a drive to re-write NZ history to ignore fact, well pretty much all facts in general; eg there now being a penchant to ignore the fact that the Maori weren’t first here, kept other tribes as slaves and then ate them and their dogs when they ceased to have a use for them, or just got hungry.  World History in general still has some very salient messages NZ should not ignore. 

A number of astute political observers liken the current Labour led parliament to that of the old first past to post shambles of the Muldoon era.  Given the clear majority Labour have such observations re their use of power, or misuse of power depending on your viewpoint, are indeed sound (one need only look at the Muldoon like Debt mountain being created by GR)

Some more radical observers have likened the current regime as being more akin to a Socialist Dictatorship than a democracy, with a number of more radical observers even likening the way in which due process is being subverted as being more akin to Nazi Germany.

By way of comparison the following narrative was produced to either prod cognitive processes or provide a comedic and derisive list of the best thoughts of your every day run of the mill conspiracy theorist.

Rise to power

  • Labour has risen to power through holding the leading stake in a democratically elected minority coalition. 
  • The National Socialists also rose to power through holding the leading stake in a democratically elected minority coalition

Consolidation of the Press

  • Recently with the tacit support of central government RNZ and TVNZ announced an intention to merge.
  • From 1929 to 1934 using acquisitions, forced mergers and out right bribes, Goebbels managed to consolidate all major press organisations in order to better control Propaganda.

Use of the P word…

  • JA recently expressed concern that one of the returnees had clearly not understood the Governments Covid propaganda
  • Obviously Goebbels is synonymous with the term.


  • In 1933 the Reichstag was set on fire and Goebbels utilised this event to instil fear into the German population allowing ‘emergency’ powers exercised by parliament.
  • While JA did not invent Covid she has certainly used the fear of Covid to advance social agendas, hiding amidst the ‘noise’ of Covid (the cost and social damage of many of these which are presently immeasurable). 

Fiscal oversight

  • In 1933 Goering removed the financial oversight committee in Germany.
  • In May 2020 Grant Robertson removed the financial oversight committee.

Quantitative easing

  • Hjalmar Schacht a vehement Nazi between 1933 and 1935 completed a programme of QE to ‘protect’ the domestic economy.
  • New Zealand completed a similar project during lockdown and perhaps only succeeded (or didn’t fail) as the rest of the world printed disproportionately more money

Debt escalation

  • Up to 1927 and again from 1933 to 1935 Germany borrowed sums in excess of one third of its GDP (a New Deal benchmark – which also failed the USA) to fund internal infrastructure projects and to keep the population ‘employed’.
  • New Zealand has incurred more debt, using the same failed ‘new deal multiplier’ in the last 12 months than it can repay in 3 working generations.

Dob your neighbour in

  • NZ introduced a helpline to Dob your neighbour in if they did not comply with the Covid Regulations
  • The Dob the Jew in is well documented
  • Seemingly an innocuous change in culture but it is exactly how seemingly ‘good’ people dobbed in as many as one third of all Jews in.  (But it can’t happen in NZ – but it did)

Ein Volk

  • Pretty clear massage
  • Team of 5M

Socialism has failed time and time again (sorry Grant and Jacinda) – I know Grant studied this at Uni but that’s why no takes those papers seriously – perhaps we should have because someone believes what they read. 

National Socialism has failed time and time again, the concern is how the ‘junta’ scrabbles to keep the dream alive and, who and how they hurt their populace in the meantime.

When preparing this list the authors stressed the event, not the outcome was to be considered.  Only post war history tells us the Jews went to concentrations camps.  Many Germans, right up to the end thought the Jews were just being removed from Germany with no thought to their demise (testament to the power of Proganda).  

I guess we each need to examine our individual and in 2023 our collective consciences to decide what we do next.

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Quiz Time

Question 1

World Covid Vaccine stats rank 3rd world (developing nations) in terms of vaccines provided 

From 1 – 4 rank the following 3rd world countries in order of vaccines given




New Zealand                      (hint not in the first 3)

(Note one of these countries even paid a premium to be at the front of the queue – haha haha haha ha – no really)

Question 2

The Minister of Inland Revenue admitted in parliament (video available) that the Gummint had no idea how many people the recent Landlord changes will affect

Politically this is an example (of)….

  1. incompetence (at a criminal level)
  2. that this really is an extremely dangerous clown circus
  3. really bad propaganda
  4. all of the above

They say its childish to poke fun at how people look but let’s be honest, It’s easy to make policy on the ‘hoof’ with a party leader that looks like a ……

Question 3

Apart from the 20,000 or so Occa’s that go skiing in Queenstown and a few that have family here, the majority of every day Aussie’s want a bubble with…

  1. Bali
  2. Pacific Island nations
  3. Singapore
  4. Anywhere but NZ

The Aussie treasurer who knows how much we spend there is delighted to hear the NZ is now exporting Tourist dollars to go with their forced policy of importing criminals (haha haha haha ha )

Question 4

JA jokingly referred to Aussie as an extension of NZ.  The historical reality is…

  1. NZ is one of the original Australian States
  2. Taupo north was at one point administered as part of NSW
  3. NZ is only big enough to be an Australian City, not a state
  4. Rugby is not really that popular, so the Aussies don’t want us as a state in any case

Seems only Ardern can make “charm” offensive, seem like the emphasis is on ‘offensive’.

Question 5

A friend of mine in Wellington claims to have walked past an old phone box in which the National party caucus was holding a meeting and they were singing, what were they singing I here you ask? Which of the following is most likely?

  1. The Party song
  2. The theme of the Muppet show (which is standard at all political party gatherings, apparently)
  3. The National Anthem
  4. Eenie Meenie Miny Mo you are it!

Coupe coming?

Question 6

The repeated propaganda JA and Fatboy are rolling out re the Deductibility of genuine expenses where a nexus exists between the incurring of the cost and the derivation of income is going beyond ‘a childish attempt to influence’ and is now simply disingenuous to intelligent NZers.

As ‘Disingenuous’ is one on my favourite “D” words, I wondered if there were other D words to describe the shower of S*it we have as government

  1. Disaster                        (easy one really – no further explanation required)
  2. Demeaning                 (the way in which the world, not the world press, ridicule this                                              country now – also use Derisive)
  3. Dobbers                       (What the Flock have become – to be fair, normal in Socialist                                               Dictatorships)
  4. Dumb                            (the most pervasive disease currently infecting the Flock)

Quote of the Day

“New Zealand needs to Wake up to the ridicule being inflicted upon them by one of the most insidious and intellectually deficient set of MP’s this country has ever elected, then and  only then can they refer to themselves as “Woke”.

                                                                                                Winston Churchill 8 April 2021

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Politicians and Power Costs.

Interesting post on Kiwiblog today about power prices and the realities of generation.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that clean renewable energy typically comes at the cost of reliability.

Fossil fuels are what released man kind from the slavery of all our labour being born from blood, sweat and tears.

But now the media and politicians have turned CO2 into a villain that threatens our very existence, the public expect our power to be generated from fairy dust and unicorn farts.

We are now experiencing the result of moving rapidly towards a utopian land and the decisions like oil and gas bans only make it more difficult.

The coal-fired station at Huntly is now running flat out and it seems that the “last ditch” oil fired gas turbines at Whirinaki are being called on.

And we want electric cars to plug into this fossil fuel generated power?

Read the full article links beliw

Guest post: High electricity prices

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So the sun does affect the climate, well I never.

The genius scientists who have calculated the sun doesn’t drive climate patterns, have been hit with some inconvenient truth.

No doubt it won’t be picked up by the MSM however this sun enthusiast gives us a little run down on this latest revelation that a 22 year sun cycle matches the shift of the southern oscillation. Shifting the ocean temperatures from warmer periods or cooler periods known as El Niño and La Niña.

One of the reasons the globe is very cool right now is this La Nina period, which has a likely correlation to causation statistical factor of having a 1 in 5,000 chance of being incorrect. This is because the past 6 la nina events happen in unison with the transitions from the solar cycles

Link to the study showing the clock like cycle of the La Nina onset to the solar cycles linked below

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