Sesame Street Game

Who here, who has children, hasn’t suffered through countless hours of the Wiggles, Hi 5 (although Charlie was cute) and Bob the Builder, to name a few.  Well in my day it was Play School, Top Cat and Sesame Street.

Sesame Street brought us all sorts of fun and games, including popularizing Muppets and a neat game called ‘One of these things is not like the other’.  So here’s a crack at it for Planet B:

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong.  Can you guess which thing is not like the other, can you tell me before I finish this song?

Josef Stalin

Adolf Hitler

Jacinda Ardern 

Hendrik Verwoerd

So who do you think?  

Very good , you got it, Adolf Hitler is not like the others.

Not because he didn’t order the murder of millions of people (he was an amateur compared to Stalin) or that hisgovernment created the legislation that instigated Apartheid and a two race system, or the legislation thatspecifically discriminated against a section of his people removing their rights and freedoms.  No it was none of these things that the other 3 choices have done.    

Yep, the different one is Hitler,  that’s right Hitler.  Like many other issues that the Woke-tards find hard to reconcile is, that while there is no doubt he agreed with the legislation, and much was done in his name,  he quite specifically made sure his name was not on the Law (Nuremberg Revisited: Why Hitler would have been hard to convict) 

So there you go, for once we are not saying Ardern is like Hitler.  We may be implying she is or will be worse, but ……?

Just remember… “Those who do nothing are inviting shame” JFK

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Shane Reti – his Point of Difference in a World living with Covid

By Clive Jackson

Reti is low key, hard working, medically qualified (as an academic and private clinician as well as a former DHB board member), multi-lingual,

and an international trade consultant, to name a few of his traits and areas of experience. In recent months, as well as travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand to meet his obligations as deputy leader of the National Party, he has also taken the time to travel to remote rural areas in Northland to help vaccinate those in marginalised communities. He is also of Maori heritage and from a working class background. He has achieved his current status from hard work and a belief in being a New Zealander and not a member of an under privileged minority. Reti is respectful, transparent, collaborative and willing to listen to and agree with his political opponents when he believes their proposals are for the good of New Zealanders as a whole. He exhibits all those traits we try and teach our children – why should we not expect these traits in our politicians? 

Celebrity politicians who have gained popularity and support because of their star status and not their ability have dominated politics, not just in New Zealand but in other countries like Canada and France over recent years. Covid has given them a platform they would never have had to spread their orchestrated stories. Now however, as we all start to face the reality of living with Covid, the wheels are falling off. Eighteen months in our country’s government debt has increased by some $60 billion and we have nothing to show for it. Ardern and her government have spent the whole time playing catch-up because they failed to plan after being gifted a lifeline by New Zealand having the luxury of geographical isolation, a small population and an initial hard lockdown, which gave us a 6 month buffer to learn from offshore experiences and set up a proper plan to face a world living with Covid. $60 billion of government spending should have produced major infrastructure improvements like several new well equipped hospitals and upgrading of current medical facilities and staffing, new motorways and roading improvements as well as other transport upgrades. But no, we have had totally untargeted release of newly printed money by this Labour government which has kept interest rates artificially low and has resulted in an uncontrolled speculative spree in our property and share markets. In 2 years (to 30 June 2021) New Zealanders have increased just our housing debt by $53 billion. Remember this is totally separate from government debt which for the same period was over $50 billion. It is simply unsustainable. 

It’s time for a change and we need a steady head and common sense to get us there. We need someone who can look above the petty bickering and get people working together and not always seeking a fight. We need a medical and financial compromise. 

Shane Reti stands in the best position to do this and to help repair New Zealand and bring us back together.

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Amnesty International finds it’s voice and opposes this governments attack on our rights. If the government can rush a bill through the house overnight that removes our rights, then we never had any rights to begin with.

Our bill of rights may as well be written on a napkin!

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One of the hardest tasks for your average despot leader is to convince his/her Police force and army to act with malice against the citizenry so the first thing you must do is get rid of any who might sympathise with the likely foe. By mandating the NZ Police and NZ Defence Forces they are effectively testing the loyalty of its members.

Will they put their lives at risk in the interests of the Government? When push comes to shove will they enforce a vax mandate on their own citizenry? What’s the risk/benefit ratio looking like? Not too good if you look at the video made by NZ Police members who are reluctant to knuckle under to their own woke leader and a small UN directed Cabal of Government Ministers led by Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson.

Workplace vaccination mandates to include Police and Defence Force

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The Age of Omicron

You can imagine the excitement at the WHO when they get to name a new child virus variant.

The naming of this new Corona variant sounds like it must have been given to a Star Trek fan. I will name you the Omicron and you will destroy the world!

The reality however, is they just stick to the Greek Alphabet. Next will be Phi.

However it seems there were some decisions made about omitting one letter, rather than staying with the traditional order of Greek letters see if you can guess which one was excluded

Omicron definitely sounds more serious than a few of its predecessors such as Mu or Iota though. Not to mention Phi.

Easier to get a day off work with a dose of the Omicron. OMG the Omicron got me.

Much better than ringing up the office with a dose of the Mu, “the what? I have a case of the Mu so better not come to work today”

Mad Cow more like it. Speaking of Mad Cows, Ardern’s response to this virus, if we were in the reality of a parallel universe, one where the globalist takeover wasn’t the hip thing for young politicians to subscribe to. We wouldn’t be in lock-downs, or ruining freedoms and economies, we would just stay away from work.

In Sweden they were told not to go to work if they were unwell. How did that work out for them? seems now they are the poster child of pandemic responses. But the media won’t want to admit that will they?. How dare they not lock down and still get a better result than any other comparible European country?

Anyway back to the Omicron

How long before this is the new Delta? Michael Baker is playing it down, urging for calm. Maybe he didn’t get an invite to Ardern’s wedding so is being rebellious. Grant Robertson has wasted no time spreading the fear saying it’s a great example of that we are a long way away from the end of the pandemic.

So if we are 90% vaccinated and are ready for the arrival with ICU beds, new medications that work suspiciasly like Ivermectin, why are we a long way off Grant? oh yes the control through fear mantra.

77 people in hospital and 8 in ICU, after having well over 100 new cases per day now for over a month. 13 deaths so far in November including one person shot (by a gun not a needle). These aren’t people dying of covid, they are dying with it and they are also dying with the shot (the actual jab)as well as gun shots. what a confusing world we live in. Particularly if you are a statistician for Medsafe where all your conclusive evidence keeps vanishing.

Try telling them that the CDC claimed that 83% of COVID deaths died with covid. Blank face under a mask.

And what did the CDC say about masks again. oh yeah they are more harm than they are good. We are back to Mad Cows again aren’t we?

So I’m off to explore the new black market opening up in a town near you. We need a special handshake – probably just a “hand shake” will do, as a vaccinated person would never shake hands. They need protecting from that sort of carry on don’t they now they have had the jab.

Its only fair they feel safe

Nice weekend all.

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Well, well, the scientific evidence is coming in thick and fast in regards to Covid. Thankfully countries such as the UK are doing actual in-depth scientific studies of what is happening with Covid and its effects on people. One of the most interesting articles in the Medical Journal, The Lancet, a UK study confirms what I suspected could happen with breakthrough infections with vaccinated people, in that they could have as high a viral load as the unvaxxed.

Their interpretation states: “Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance. Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts. Host–virus interactions early in infection may shape the entire viral trajectory.

“This is one of the reasons why our business, even with vaccinated people, has taken to the practice of undertaking weekly Covid testing from 6 weeks ago. We based this on being responsible to the people we deal with and ensuring that we are not carriers of Covid into our communities. In light of the weight of evidence that scientists around the world are finding and reporting on now, I think it should start to be of concern to fellow New Zealanders, that we aren’t expanding the wider Covid testing of more people, regardless of their vax status, to ensure minimising Covid spread.

I think we should all be questioning the logic of allowing untested vaccinated people to travel after the 15th of December, given that studies are suggesting that they could have viral loads that match the unvaccinated should they have a breakthrough infection while on the move.

Food for thought…As always, stay safe, stay well and stay thinking.

By Tom Webb

Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study
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Imagine being able to blame your products failure on the people that don’t use your product? And then they start telling other people to take your failing product?

It would be bloody genius! If only people were that gullible!

May be an image of text that says "TODAY'S NEWS BY Pfizer BROUGHT το YOU"
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Genuine questions being asked out there

Hi (accountant),  do I have to declare the income on a haircut on an unvaccinated person, ie a haircut that never happened?

Hi (accountant), as I no longer advertise on Escortify and have been seeing my regular clients all year, do I have to declare my income on appointments that ‘never’ happened?  

Hi (accountant) over lock-down I used my private function room for some illegal lock-in’s. I have some unvaccinated mates I am going to do this for,  do I declare that income?

Unvaccinated client.  As I am having private and public services denied to me, do I have to pay tax?

Interesting that for a government that as done everything to kill off the black markets (might be a  racist reference – woke woke woke (like coughing)), yesterday they created an environment where supposedly ‘second class’ citizens have no choice but to source services in some form a seedy under-world – how Soviet of them. 

Well I guess we are not queuing for shops, services and supermarkets.   oh we are? 

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Can Hear The Narrative Crumbling?

Check out The View hosts get their asses handed to them. We’ve all met people like this! They simply talk a load of nonsense as their cognitive dissonance kicks in! These people are literally brain washed! They simply cannot deal with inconvenient facts! That or they are flat out fraudsters.

Check out the comments section! So many people are wide awake to this plandemic.

Here’s a few examples….

  1. They called the fact that jabbed people can still get and spread it, “misinformation”. Despite the fact that the CDC have confirmed both of those statements as true.
  2. The CDC recently removed the word “immunity” from the description of a vaccine, that says a lot.
  3. Sunny, can you please explain to me why natural immunity is being ignored?
  4. “The View” is another way of saying “Accepted Corporate View”
  5. I’m glad someone is standing up for people! Get em girl! Don’t be scared! They know they’re walking on a tight rope!
  6. …said a critical thinker: “If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, paid, punished and criminalized, if all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance, you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is NOT in your best interest.”
  7. There are millions of brilliant women in the world, and none of them are on The View.-Tim Dillon
  8. Why would ANYONE take medical advice from the ladies on “The View”?
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Looking for the ‘science’. Why do fully vaccinated heathcare professionals need to be provided rapid antigen tests to detect asymptomatic carriers and NOT the fully-vaccinated public out and about in the community?

Does the virus detect discriminate between the two?

May be an image of text
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