Our dangerous socialist government intends to indoctrinate future generations to love socialism and hate our culture as the history curriculum is meddled with to suit leftist ideologies.

From the ACT Party:

“The Government’s NZ history curriculum threatens to indoctrinate students in left-wing ideas about colonialism, the welfare state, gender identity, and ‘cultural appropriation’.

The draft New Zealand history curriculum, out for consultation until 31 May, requires students to learn a narrow set of highly political stories from our past.

Jacinda Ardern promised a history curriculum that would promote a ‘better New Zealand that we can all be proud of and which recognises the value of every New Zealander’.

The draft curriculum’s ‘three big ideas’ completely fail to achieve that.

One of the big ideas, that ‘Māori history is the continuous history of Aotearoa New Zealand’, excludes most New Zealanders from its narrative.

Another, that ‘colonisation and its consequences continue to influence all aspects of New Zealand society’, is dismal, depressing, and incorrect, casting some groups as villains and others as victims.

Not only that, the draft curriculum pushes left-wing narratives about the welfare state, gender identity, and ‘cultural appropriation’.

It leaves out or brushes over economic and constitutional change, New Zealand’s role in international relations, and many other issues.

ACT says the New Zealand history curriculum should be radically redrafted to give an honest and inclusive account of who the New Zealand people are.

If students are to be taught New Zealand history, they deserve an honest account of who we are as a nation.”

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