Imagine there were a group of 2000 of the world’s most powerful men, including politicians, captians of industry, media, military and a variety of global think tanks, who met every July in the forests of California.

Imagine, if you will, that this group held a druidic ritual where they burned a mock human effigy on the altar of Moloch- a Canaanite diety from the old Testament, between discussing global policy agendas.

Well Bohemian Grove exists, as do the rituals (narrated by Walter Cronkite) as does the 15 year waiting list to join. Some of the most influential people on earth have been and continue to be members, yet you likely haven’t heard of the group’s existence.

You’d probably regard your neighbour as a bit odd and not trust them to look after your dog if you knew they were into mock human sacrifice, but most people have no problem trusting said people to run their nation and have control over the nuclear weapons codes.

This is why I don’t trust the government or media for factual information, you’d have to be pretty naive to do so!

Why do feminists and supposed lefty activists have nothing to say about these true power brokers? Because third wave feminism was financed by them, as is the LGBT movement and BLM to this day. Truth is often stranger than fiction but a 2700 acre Redwood Grove in Sonoma County Northern California is no conspiracy theory, it’s objective reality.

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