Healthy debate and disagreement isn’t disinformation to be dismissed, yet that is exactly what governments, social media giants and the majority of people are doing.

People pretend to be about “scientific, evidence based” approaches to health, whilst they throw down processed foods, vegetable oils and copious amounts of alcohol prior to getting vaccinated against a virus we haven’t even established the origin or nature of!

Science is about being open minded to all possibilities and only ruling things out after lengthy, honest investigation- not knee jerk reacting with “Oh are you suggesting our government is involved in a conspiracy and protecting China” as a way to strawman and smear any opposing view.

Now however it’s not just lay people like myself, but actual experts in scientific fields being silenced in a digital witch hunt and book burning ritual, exercised by big tech on behalf of various governments- their excuse being “we can’t have a public loss of confidence in our health response”.

Have a look for yourselves, western governments are actively prohibiting healthcare employees from expressing views sceptical of vaccines regardless of the views being accurate and scientifically evidenced, this is Orwellian to a lethal extreme, the ultimate hubris and arrogance of a handful at the top.

By Will Ryan

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