Many scientific publications show how the human brain evolved to find and solve problems, yet it seems modern society fails to acknowledge the innate human nature. Evolution selected against people who didn’t see threats, be it cave bears, mountain lions, poison berries- humans who didn’t see threats were eliminated from the gene pool and therefore our current DNA is from the most cautious, survival minded humans who came up with solutions. Today however we stand on the shoulders of giants. We have electricity, refrigerators, shelter, some people in China to make our clothes. Consumerism has largely removed our need to be creative and solve problems, we don’t have wild animals to run from, yet the human brain still is captured by fear and the need to find problems. Enter the first world problems…Don’t have a sense of identity or can’t accept what nature gave you? – Invent a gender and dye your hair purple so as to standout and feel unique. See others getting things you want?- Claim they are privileged and create an entire ideology around blaming them. Not slim or traditionally attractive? – Pretend you can be healthy and beautiful at any size, claim beauty standards are a creation of privileged men and reject all evolutionary biology (both sexes are attracted to traits indicating fertility). Can’t compete in the traditional heirarchy? – Invent a non “heteronormative” paradigm where you can be on top and feel the illusion of power. Essentially we’ve solved all the Maslow’s lower needs to survive, so now we have people who have to invent a “struggle” as the socialists call it, pretend that being mis gendered is a “hate crime” or that speech subjectively offensive is “literally killing people”. Ironically these paranoid, fear based modern humans can’t see the real threats to their lives and liberty- the government. In fact we have racial “minorities” asking for healthcare and free stuff from the very “colonial” governments they claim were genocidal and are currently structured against them! I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t go to someone for medicine if they had killed my family, yet this is the double standard illogic rife in society today. “Rising inequality” is another drum we constantly hear. Well if a person can now create a song and instead of singing in their village can sell it globally across the internet, we would expect disparities in outcomes. However the average westerner still lives better than a king of 300 years ago, why isn’t that celebrated instead of taken for granted as a product of passing time? Thousands of years went by in pre colonial native populations with no dramatic changes in wealth or living standards, so are European men really this class of “privileged” enslavers or liberators? These are questions you can’t even ask the modern woke crowd, they’ll roll their eyes, scoff, scream or get violent before they even entertain contrary ideas. They can’t form arguments without appealing to majority, popularity, authority or credentials. That is because they are actually the most privileged, entitled and weak humans ever to exist. Only the truly privileged can worry about gender pronouns over surviving. They claim only heterosexual men hold power, whilst they have said men removed from their jobs for committing a “thought crime” online…..These are the unfit mobs that decades of democracy has empowered. In the decolonised, indigenous world our ancestors inhabited, these lefties religiously bound to cultural marxist philosophies wouldn’t last one night- that is their real problem, not men or capitalism but the ruthless inequity and beautiful diversity of nature, which is anything but egalitarian or democratic.

By Will Ryan

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