By Denis Hall

Why would the Queen and Empress (Victoria) of the largest and most powerful global empire the planet had ever seen – agree to a shared sovereignty and custody with a stone age cannibalistic culture in New Zealand – when she never even contemplated doing that in places like Canada – Australia – India – Pakistan – Ceylon – Tonga – South Africa – Kenya – Hong Kong – and the USA – who they fought and lost an independence war with – and then sign a co-leadership agreement with a stone age culture having a genocidal Musket War against itself in the South Seas?
Believe that – and you’ll believe anything.
The whole Waitangi Tribunal cash grab has been one of the greatest con jobs of modern history and they have gotten away with it because we let them.
Liars – lawyers – deceptive academics – with the help of deluded and cowardly politicians – they are the problem. They need to be brought to book – expunged!

Those Maori Chiefs asked for a treaty with the British Crown after FORTY YEARS of Maori on Maori slaughter with firearms against other Maori armed with stones and sticks.

Those men who signed the Treaty were Maori – they were Maori all day long – and they were trying to save their people – they weren’t trying to Rort the nation – they just wanted peace and a good life for their people.

They didn’t sign a treaty of capitulation with the people who were slaughtering them – they signed it with the people who could protect them – the British Crown!

What is it we do not understand about THAT?

Simple stuff – concealed from us by a decades old alliance between academics, Maori radicals and politicians.

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