Well said Brad!

Hello everyone, below this gentle description is the embodiment of a ginger c#$t

He thinks that it’s perfectly normal to chase up people who don’t want the needle he’s promoting like necessary heroin.

He thinks that we need a needle for a hypothetically deadly virus that was only found in 2.32% of the world’s population.

From my cousin:

183 934 913 people have “tested” positive for “Covid”. Yet, there are 7 900 000 000 people on the planet. If my math is correct, then only less than 2.32% of the world has contracted the virus and less have died.

(Keep in mind, most of these people got tested multiple times)

If we do science loosely like they do, then 97.68% are immune to the virus, and the remaining percentage may as well get the vaccine, at this point, no amount of information will save them from themselves

Minister Ginger c#@t, you are welcome to come onto my private property in an attempt to sell your master’s poorly studied snake oil, but you will have to come alone.

I can neither confirm or deny whether you will be treated with respect or dignity, we have a lot of horse shit here! It is after all, our private property. We temporarily got rid of SNAs up here, so you don’t have any rights here.

Good luck champ.

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