Hawke’s Bay Today (owned by the NZ Herald) revealed Mongrel Mob leaders received $2.75 million via a contract from the Ministry of Health. The money was to run a drug rehab programme – the very drugs the Mob peddles.

In other words, the gang gets people hooked on meth, then puts them up at a marae for rehab, and gets rich at both ends.

The Mongrel Mob gets $30,000 for every person it puts through the course, which involves staying at a marae, fishing trips, and (I wish this was a joke) working on the gardens of the Mongrel Mob’s chapter president!

It gets worse. We can reveal that, because the programme was funded via the Proceeds of Crime Fund, it was PERSONALLY SIGNED OFF BY PRIME MINISTER JACINDA ARDERN, with the Ministers of Finance and Justice.

Source: New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

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