I see doctors and pro-vaxer’s using the Hippocrates quote “first do no harm” as some sort of twisted justification for the action of vaccinating people.

Hippocrates said such in the context of first not harming the health of patients, via medical accidents or false diagnosis etc. He did not mean prevent all possible harm from coming to people, as such would be impossible. Preventing patients from engaging in high risk sports, drinking, having unprotected sex, not wearing masks or being unvaccinated was not the implication.

His statement was aimed at doctors not engaging in harmful acts, not preventing patients from putting themselves at risk. Also, “informed consent” is required for any medical procedure to be voluntary, how can we be fully informed of an experimental vaccine with undisclosed ingredients! We are given more information about a supermarket pizza than the Pfizer jab!

Any measure can be justified if one only seeks to reduce risk, improve safety and balance such against liberty. Doctors legally have a “duty of care” over you, if you really look into this cuddly sounding sentence it essentially means they have ownership over you. Once they have decided what “care” is, with the backing of courts they can overrule your personal choice. This is similar to the state saying it’s illegal to commit suicide( not that I at all support the action) – you can’t take your life or decide what goes in your body legally because these “gods” assume ownership over you to a frightening degree.

The tyranny of the medical system once only seen by a few, is now coming out into full public view. Other nations are set to follow the decree of France and outlaw non vaccinated individuals from buses, trains, cafes, malls, gyms and some are even calling for you not being able to leave your home!

They want to make the consequences of not obeying so severe that you cave in. “If I get the jab then I can go to work and travel” some innocent people think. We hear that “you have free choice but that comes with consequences” -wrong, the concept of freedom of medical choice, like speech, means freedom from legal or political consequences. If it did, vulnerable people could be coerced into silence or taking a medical procedure for fear of losing their job, being ostracised or not being free to travel- all of which are occurring and constitute coercion- a legal gun to the head!

This isn’t just about a jab however, this is about full spectrum control, speech codes, a social credit system, a new monetary system, all linked to real time digital ID tracking and predictive algorithms.

The solution is not to compromise at all. Do not wear masks, do not get the vaccine, do not adjust your speech to “be kind”….if these people keep pushing the only way to preserve the human spirit is no say NO. Being disagreeable is the only power humans have in negotiation outside of violence. If the powers that be want to then use physical force on the elderly and children (as we can see in Melbourne or London today), then they will have to be met with an equal and opposite force.

I don’t care if this is called “incitement”, I’m not responsible for others actions anymore than a sellout doctor has a duty of care over your person. We need thousands of people who fully own their minds and bodies to say NO, I’m not complying! Only then does this insanity and their illusion of power end. It’s just a fear game, a confidence bluff played by psychopaths with no real concern for your health.

By Will Ryan

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