14% increase in chance of heart attack within 5 years of double mRNA jab.

The Medical Journal Circulation published an article showing that the protein markets in the heart after a double dose of mRanA vaccine, increases the chances of a heart attack over the next 5 years from 11% to 25%

We published the article last week but it is linked below


How’s that for your safe and effective long term effects in which the mRNA vaccines are due to complete in early 2023.

This is exactly the same issue in other contentious fields of science however, is something that must be shared, particularly with those that already have heart disease.

This story takes a somewhat nasty turn though where one scientific paper does not change the course of science. Further research needs to be done to find collaboration on these predictions found in the protein markers.

It turns out an independent cardiac research team has also found similar issues with heart disease and potential heart attack increase post mRNA jabs but have chosen to not publish their findings in fear of losing research funds they rely on from the pharmaceutical companies.

A whistleblower contacted the Circulation article author to share that their research team had similar findings but this research will not see the light of day to increase informed consent when deciding on medical treatment

So much for the “do no harm” pledge our doctors are meant to live by. While good Doctors are unable to continue working for taking a stance against the jab mandate tyranny, others are doing the bidding of the puppet masters by turning a blind eye to the dark forces that have descended on society. History will not be kind to you who do nothing.

Where is the media on this? Oh they are banning people from publishing this info Twitter and YouTube as it’s “medical misinformation.”

Awake yet?

Watch the short video below on this and the sudden increase in healthy professional sportspeople suddenly having multitudes of heart attacks. But that’s just a coincidence I suppose.

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