Did you know that close to 25% of the New Zealand population now realise that the risks from Covid have been overblown? And that close to 20% understand that those risks were overblown for less-than-admirable reasons? Those numbers have essentially doubled from 10 months ago. By my calculations, that’s close to 400,000 additional adult New Zealanders over the past 10 months who have been self-honest, humble and perceptive enough to concede that yes, the Covid mitigation measures being ever foisted upon us are not only unnecessary, they are not even for our society’s net benefit. And by my calculations, its closer to an additional 600,000 adult New Zealanders who have been at least smart enough to recognized the BS around the supposed dangers of Covid that our leaders (and their chosen “experts”) would have us accept make living with it so totally intolerable. Were you one of those self-honest enough, humble enough, smart enough individuals?

Eyes Open New Zealand

May be an image of text that says "i.stuff.co.nz S national Log in A recent survey of more than 2300 people over the age of 16 found the vast majority of New Zealanders 91 per cent- believed Covid-19 was real. 4 per cent believed it was false and 5 per cent said they were unsure. However, nearly one in four believed the dangers and severity of the virus had been exaggerated by officials, and nearly one in five believed lockdowns were about "increasing government control.""
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