1,495,709 reasons California is reopening

What seemingly started as a joke, has garnered so much support that the recall Newsom campaign is looking like it will get the required signatures in the near future.

At the time of writing, the recall had received some 1,200,000 votes but most still need to be verified.

However Newsom is obviously taking notice, by ending lockdowns and reopening business he is obviously hoping to stem the flow of signatures hitting the petition.

When asked for the data that is backing up the decision to open up, Newsom has claimed it is complicated and most people wouldn’t understand the formula.

I would hazard a guess the formula ends with the number 1,495,709

What is a recall?

California is one of 19 states that allow voters to remove state officials before the end of their term. No reason is necessary — the only requirement to put a recall on the ballot is enough voter signatures. That number must be 12% of voters in the last election for the office, and must include voters in at least five counties. The magic number for Newsom’s would-be recallers: 1,495,709 valid signatures.

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