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1) First bank in the US to accept Bitcoin & other Crypto’s for mortgage payments! United Wholesale Mortgage are stoked to be the first in this space! This is a game changer to pay your mortgage with Crypto linking property to digital property! 🥰

2) More than half of the world’s biggest banks are pouring BILLIONS of dollars into Crypto as the market approaches a $2 Trillion market cap 🤜🤛

3) Do you think JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Barcleys, Blackrock, Fidelity Fund are getting into Crypto because they like loosing money? 🤷‍♂️

4) The CCP now own Alibaba & have already sold 8,000+ NFT’s so ignore what they say & look at what China is actually doing! It’s full steam ahead with Crypto! 🥳

5) Bitcoin whales looking to buy the dip as $222 million worth of Stablecoins flow into exchanges! That is extremely bullish! 👌

6) The SEC (securities & exchange commission) just got caught erasing relevant documents for XRP lawsuit! This is HUGE!!! Expect XRP to shoot for the moon! 🥳

7) First it was El Salvador now its Argentina & Uraguay looking to adopt Bitcoin as currency. This will just continue as its now obvious countries with destroyed national Currencies have nothing to lose & everything to gain! 🤓😎 Cardano is about to have a major upgrade & it cant be underestimated that institutional investors appear to favour ADA (Cardano) over other major cyrpto’s ahead of the networks launch of smart contracts! 😎

And that’s why I doubled my position in Cardano today! 🥳

PS: Ignore the negative Nancy’s who haven’t a clue what’s going on, Blockchain technology is changing the world, for the better & it’s quite obviously here to stay! 🤗


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