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By Sarah Smith

In an attempt to create more “equality” for women the ongoing narrative is that women can do anything, even picking up the tools in the trades & heavy weights.

But what toll does heaving lifting have on the female body? Health experts warn it reduces fertility rates. This is something not often discussed in today’s feminist utopia.

Men & women’s bodies are physically different as is our brain & hormone composition. Men are, generally speaking, drawn to ‘things’ and how they work and women are, generally speaking, attracted to people & interpersonal relationships. This leads men to be the builders of society and women to be the glue that holds it together.

Apart from the trades now celebrating women joining the ranks, women’s weightlifting has been a thing for some time now. The problem with the female workout craze to get ripped is that it does damage to our bodies as we were not designed to lift in this way.

Women deserve to know the facts before making certain decisions that could negatively affect their ability to have a family.

So much more could be said but I’ll leave it there for now.

Heavy lifting affects fertility:

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