The State Of It!

It’s always been about “the science” we are told. “It’s not my fault Mike, it’s Covid” Says Ardern when she had the balls to front up to his interviews. So we have all done as we are told “because science cannot be argued with”

So we go into this latest lockdown for one case. We come out of lockdown with 20 cases! Ardern stated that public support is on the slide & we don’t want to get off side with the public.

Right so now it’s NOT about science & more about popularity?

But every life matters & money isn’t an object you said?

Think your time as PM is coming to a close Miss Ardern.

Ive said this since Jan 2018 when she banned Oil & Gas…

Miss Ardern, you will go down as the WORST most damaging Prime Minister New Zealand has EVER had to suffer under! From your constant lies, deflection, complete lack of transparency & down right corruption. You clearly do not work in the best interests of Kiwi’s.

It’s time you stood down & gave us our country back!

May be a meme of text that says "Labour Am I out of touch? Labour No, it's small businesses who are wrong."
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