The headline accompanying Minister Faafoi is misleading. Its not 165000 visas, its 165,000 pathways to residency. In 2017, this govt was going to bring down migration to 40,000 annually from 75,000.

In 2009, hubby and I were migrants, so I saw first-hand how residency was a big step towards putting down roots permanently . Residency required 5 years of proven work experience, points for a recognised degree, an English language criteria, a good annual pay rate, a job on the skill shortages list and then , you submitted an expression of interest (EOI).

There was fortnightly draw and if you had a certain number of points , your application would be chosen and then, Immigration would need a whole lot more proof to back up your claims. Today, it is much easier. If you are working & have been here for three years -that is enough. While it will be immense relief to many stuck in limbo, this has long term consequences for NZ.

The fact that folks are losing jobs as businesses go under, 11.3% of the NZ working age population is on a benefit (354,744 people , as increase of nearly 80,000 in 3 years ) and 165,000 will get residency is United Nations Migration plan underway.

Unlike USA, NZ does have a landlocked border to allow migrants to walk in. Thus- legislation.

By Jaspreet Boparai

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