If you don’t understand what a Metaverse is and why it’s important then this is for you.

A Metaverse is an online world similar to Grand Theft Auto but more immersive and experienced in virtual reality. As an example here’s a quick quick run down of the upcoming metaverse game Star Atlas. In Star Atlas players will roam the galaxy in ships that they must purchase with real money. Many of these ships went on sale earlier this year and sold out very quickly with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to around $30,000USD.

There are upcoming sales that will be in the millions and there is no doubt these ships will also sell out quickly. These are seen as investments that will grow in value and can be sold at any time. Each ship is a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be traded on exchanges and where the transactions are recorded on the blockchain. New owners can then deploy them in the game.

In this game players will roam the galaxy on missions, collecting resources with real world value, and plundering other ships like space pirates. Ships will take damage and have real world costs to repair and can even be hijacked and stolen. Real risk and real reward. And insurance will be available.

Similar to how billionaires buy America’s cup yachts and staff them with the best sailors, in this metaverse they will buy multi million dollar ships that will act like space stations with smaller ships docking in them, avatars living on board and paying rent, and full market economies happening on board. They will employ the best gamers from around the world to pirate the metaverse in search of resources and profits and these gamers will be paid like footballers. So you will have your guys that are good pilots paid to fly the ships, and then when you board other ships you will have your call of duty FPS superstars raiding other ships, killing other players and looting their ships for resources. Real profits will be made this way.

On the planets will be businesses for servicing ships, buying guns, clothing for avatars, etc the limit for business is only the imagination of entrepreneurs. As we move towards automation and use more and more kiosks instead of real people for jobs people will need to shift into metaverse employment. This will become more and more normal and people will spend their entire working days in metaverse. Early investors and early adopters will become very wealthy as this is like getting into google at seed.

So that is where we are headed. Ready Player One?

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