2 Weeks To Flatten The Curve!

It’s always interesting to compare Covid trends overseas and how they deal with it vs what we see here in New Zealand. Today Singapore has tightened its Covid rules, despite literally having 80% of its population double dosed. Read that again “80% of its population double dosed”. Primary School children are required to learn from home, due to daily case numbers surging from 1500 to predicted 6000 per day, during their current outbreak. 0-14yr olds made up 12.3% of Singapore’s population makeup in 2020.

Let that sink in for a minute. Singapore has 4 out of 5 of its citizens double dosed – yet, they are tracking 1500 new daily cases of Covid. Obviously, Singapore is rightly concerned that despite being one of the most highly vaccinated countries on the planet, daily cases are going through the roof.

Why is this an interesting comparison for New Zealand? Well, the Singapore Government told its citizens that once it hit that magically 80% mark, life would return to normal and there would be no more lockdowns. Echos of the same promises that our Government has recently made, umm.

Now some of you will be thinking, but we’re well on our way to hitting our own 80 percentile, aren’t we? And the Prime Minister said just this week, that Auckland’s on its way to reaching 90% by October? Hold on a minute, let’s revisit those thoughts. When Singapore reports its rates, it uses the double-dosed figure of 80% of the total population – literally, 4 out of 5 of its citizens carry Covid antibodies – which is an amazing achievement. Check out the latest stats from our own Ministry of Health – New Zealand only has 34% of its own population double dosed.

34%! Listen to our PM again, she has said previously, that restrictions will be removed when our population is 80% fully vaccinated. That’s a long way from where we are today according to the Ministry of Health’s current figures.

When you hear the term long-Covid, you can read that not just a health term, but living conditions here in Godzone.

Really just noting this for my own reference and hoping that everyone comes out the other end OK.

By tom Webb

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