2020 the year of the gun

Gun sales in the USA are at an all time high.

The FBI have stated that background checks for new gun ownership in November is up 40% on last year.

November had over 3.6 million checks performed in the month.

Only one other month prior to this year has ever broken the 3 million checks mark which was December 2015.

However November isn’t even the busiest month this year, it is the 4th.

In June there were almost 4 million. March had over 3.7 million.

Overall, the FBI has recorded 35,758,249 background checks so far this year, a provisional number that is already 26% higher than last year’s total of nearly 28,400,000.

Are the public getting weary of something…

I wonder how many of these gun wielding patriots are heading to the capitol on January 6?

June’s high record was on the back of the Black Lives Matter riots, but it seems Americans are taking self defence very seriously this year.

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