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What the actual! So now they are suggesting CV19 was in Italy as early as September last year??

The novel coronavirus was spreading in Italy in September last year – months earlier than previously thought, a new study has found.

The shock findings change our understanding of the way Covid-19 spread around the world and raise questions about how long we have been living with the coronavirus.

The study, by the National Cancer Institute of Milan, looked at healthy volunteers who had enrolled in a lung cancer screening trial.

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more honesty November 17, 2020
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so.. let me understand this.. figures rounded ..cases of covid in America has been 11.5 million..population of America 328 million.. percentage catching virus 3.5 percent.. so .. 96.5 percentage aren't catching it and yet somehow a vaccine that stops 95 percent of people not getting it is somehow better..this is not even factoring in the ill affects that occur.. so we take a vaccine to increase our chance of getting it.. ha ha