MickyO November 22, 2020
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Exactly admin ant, The Chinese are saying that they will address the issue with a balance between their own development plans and the diplomatic efficacy of international agreements.India the next Asian powerhouse is to broadly follow patterns of development. As new Zealanders ,one small area of ''independent foreign policy'' we could foster a.narrative around is OUR own metrics, cost, gain, benefits.This is a primary matter, it involves our primary sector, our commodity exports and also the cultural and social disorder in society.IF one subject matter can be quantitatively brought to bear on the left and liberal people.of New Zealand it is the virtue coupling versus the national.cost in a virtual global world. This is the subject where the neo cultural adaption of nz virtue signalling can be publicly examined against the harm it could do in comparison to global benefits.
Paul Reed November 21, 2020
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100% right