Based on what evidence

Ardern declaring a climate emergency

The Government has revealed plans to pass a climate change emergency motion in Parliament next week.

FFS this is just getting beyond the joke

What evidence is there a climate emergency

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Jason November 28, 2020
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none. she doing what is told to by people other than us voters (un, davos, world econ forum, etc). 2020 saw the loss of capitalism as we know it, the free market replaced by govt great reset and its fad based green sky pies. high achievers have choice going forward to continue without social recognition of success and its baubles, or submit with all the gleeful losers to the state tit. this is quite f8cked really, and yea, i believe djt should stay in wh until biden can prove got 80m votes, otherwise goes down as worst potus who let everything we took for granted vanish.
more honesty November 26, 2020
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angry angry angry
Carolyn November 26, 2020
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A little thing like that's never stopped them - what evidence is there of a pandemic?