Why Politicians and their hangers on hate Trump?

It’s quite funny how many politicians and people who work closely in the public sector dislike Trump. Even conservative politicians and their hangers on have quite a strong case of TDS.

Why is this? I have a theory…

It is the Gravy Train that is the political sphere. So awash with public money is that that is the public sector, that you have a community of fat servants scooping at the troth. This is the Swamp that Trump speaks of.

Regardless of whether you are a crooked politician or work closely with any politician, you are in line to hold out your hand for the money that is removed from the earnings of every man woman and child in tax paying land.

I remember hiring a rather smart manager for my business. Well I thought he was. One of his big pushes was for us to try and get government contracts. “Its the gravy train,” he would say. I have to say with the fact coming out this week that over 1,200 public service employees being on a wage in access of $200,000 it is obvious for many working for the taxpayer (if only they did) is good money.

But there are so many more people in line for this public money. People who work for or contract to government departments are all on the take. build a slide for the government and you can charge as much as you want, just ask Mallard how much a slide costs.

So this is the theory.

Many people enter politics as they can use their certain set of skills, otherwise known as Bullshit, so they can earn more money than they would outside of politics. In fact some are probably unemployable. leaving politics would spell disaster for them. Some think they leave and become self employed – yet all their customers are government departments or political parties. Talk about delusion.

What spells just as much disaster for these servants is someone entering politics with a more commercial sense.

We know that the left are almost entirely made up of Trothers, but I would suggest apart from a few exceptions, those on the right are simply a different coloured Trother and someone coming through suggesting budget cuts are bad for business.

Those that sit behind the politicians, largely out of sight. Ones that are middle managers, the spin Dr’s and PR advisors. They operate in all spheres of the darkness and are just the same. if not worse.

This is why when you read many conservatives blogs etc. You find just as many so called right wing commentators riddled with TDS. Accusing him of being the worst president ever. You know who you are. And you are exposing your own hypocrisy for all those to see. collaborating in what can only be described as an Orange Man Bad Circle Jerk, you spread the fakest of news about Trump to justify your TDS.

Today a political commentator blogged that Trump is the biggest threat to hold high office, or something along those lines. A threat to whom exactly?

Ignore the peace deals struck in the middle east, the rather lack of new wars, the improvement of the everyday working man, the economy. Of course its now Covid-19 so they can ignore the work done prior. Forget the fact that just about every Western country is being hit hard. Its only Trump and this existential threat that is criticized. Even if its nothing to do with him.

“You can’t have any pudding until you eat your meat” is what the Trothers hear from Trump. And the fake news comes think and fast to justify their hate.

Russia Russia Russia, Impeach Impeach Impeach. Never before have so many people I once respected been shown to be just as bigger part of the problem.

Thank you Trump for exposing the real swamp. Even if it is not in the USA and back here in little old NZ

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