“Figures released exclusively to the Herald by Auckland’s three district health boards show the city’s hospitals have treated nearly 350 patients for firearms injuries since January 2016.

“If you support Labour it’s time to wake up and pay attention as your party destroys this country. Under this party of utterly incompetent, insane, woke idiots the average New Zealander is poorer, has almost no basic human rights left, is more likely to be the victim of crime, lose their job, be separated from loved ones, or kill themselves.

This country is quickly becoming a shit hole as they throw everything that it means to be a kiwi on the scrapheap. Dobbing in your neighbours, segregation by race and by personal medical decisions, preferential treatment for gangs, the bribing of our media. Where does this end?

If it were up to me I would have Ardern and every member of her party arrested. Charges would be bribery, fraud, racial discrimination, and crimes against humanity. I could probably think of more.

Jacinda Ardern Isn't Who You Think She Is – Tharunka
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