2021 all cause mortality in Sweden second lowest on record, where was New Zealand’s mortality with its 26 COVID deaths?

Sweden has announced that pandemic, over joining a number of other regions, as it is no longer a health threat.

Sweden also has not approved the vaccine to the under 12’s citing the risk does not justify the reward.

Based on some unique aspects of New Zealand’s COVID deaths we can draw some interesting conclusions from the access death data. I.e. we know they are not COVID-19 casualties.

In New Zealand, 2,000 excess deaths occurred in 2021 with only 26 making the COVID death count. Most interesting is the data of the roll out of the vaccines for in the over 60 age group, not only did we have an excess of deaths, but the time and amount of deaths virtually mirrored the number of vaccines administered each week. Purely coincidental we are told. You know correlation doesn’t mean causation.

Check out this interesting assessment the warrants further investigation for sure

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