Was it a Riot and will the Republicans’ be punished for not backing Trump?

Pence will not be the most popular person with those who voted for Trump. remember those 75,000,000 voters? Yeah the ones that gathered peacefully at Washington DC.

Some say it was a riot, It was actually one of those times that it was a peaceful protest. However, the word on the street is 250 Antifa activists were dressed as patriots and that this invasion was a planned event. Photographs of the offenders are doing the rounds and it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

Speaking of riots, if you were in Washington earlier in the year 2020, you would have seen real riots. But they obviously don’t count as they weren’t Trump supporters.

So lets look at what some real patriots did, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordon, Josh Hawley all spoke well. Ted Cruz was very good. What did Ted ask for again? Oh yes a 10 day stay whilst an independent commission could investigate the election.

Plenty of idiots out there will quote you that Trump lost 59/60 court cases and there was no evidence of any vote impropriety. This is just pure unadulterated bullshit and those that say it are either willfully ignorant or so full of hatred of the Orangeman, that they probably move cautiously around the stacked oranges at their local supermarket.

Trumps eviction, assuming it is now done and dusted, was a bipartisan desire to rid themselves of the man who may expose their money go round.

We now know which politicians are genuine and which ones are institutionalized crooks. Those who think the likes of Chris Christie and Lindsay Graham are Trump allies, will now realize they are just part of the swamp.

Trump has been able to see who he can trust and who he cant a little more clearly.

As Trump said this isnt the end, it is the beginning.

Those institutionalized Politicians and their hangers on who hate the Trump are all breathing a sigh of relief this morning. Well i’ve got news for you butter cups. Trump isnt about to go anywhere and this little thing called Trumpism will be back to haunt you soon.

A message to those in the media etc. how about you try some real journalism rather than trying to make the news. Then I can stop wasting so much of my day pointing out your bollix.

It was reported that the likes of CNN, Fox and a few other MSM outlets didn’t have cameras at the gathering in Washington. It is reported that 4 people are dead including a woman shot in the neck by a policeman, the other 3 from medical Emergencies (whatever that means)

How many people actually breached the building and how much damage was done exactly? Fuck all is the answer. If there was ever a building to occupy in a non violent way then capital Hill (a public building) is the one.

And if you are looking for blame, how about the supreme court which refused to hear any cases. They weren’t lost court cases Muppets, they were not heard due to “standing.” That is court speak for I am not touching this with a 40 foot barge pole.

No independent audit has been done of many of the election impropriety claims, no courts have heard any evidence of any merret and therefore people decide to take matters in there own hands. the gathering was support for Trump. the fact they could continue the counting of electors a few ours later is a bit of a hint as to how much this was a riot.

here is an image of a real riot in the States

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