Awake Yet?

TRUMPS tweet was erased, The Media Lie became Truth. Tarrants Manifesto was erased. His truth of being an Eco Fascist, a supporter of CCP Style Communisum. Was erased from the public view. Giving the Media lie and propagandist a free rein. The Media’s LIE became the publics truth. You are NOW living in 1984, If it is not obvious to you. You have not read the book. And need to ASAP – Awake Yet?

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jason January 10, 2021
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big tech made a mistake. it has lit support for free speech from both left and right, in and out of usa. it also indicates what is to come under the dem tenure, who cannot contain themselves and are obviously insecure and very destructive. if djt does not pull a rabbit out of the hat, those who supported him are going to get smashed, like aussie for pursuing truth against ccp. my hope is that big tech have unwittingly revealed how precarious their position actually is, because they did not need to do this, if in fact their journey to power over next 10-12 days or so was assured.