Who’s running the show?

The new police commissioner Coster has said he won’t prosecute Aucklanders ignoring rules unless the ministry of health advise him too. The police waiting on instructions from a government agency? That’s USSR / GDR thinking right there.
Meanwhile the ministry of health have said it’s up to the PM to decide if people should start being arrested.

The PM herself has said she is angry but it’s the call of the cops.

This is how toothless all these parties have become. All three of them have backed themselves into a corner because they’re terrified of being branded bullies on social media.

The Labour party, the Ministry of Health and NZ Police all more concerned about looking ‘kind’ than ensuring people don’t die. What a way to lose respect of the public.
So much for decisive leadership. I’ve said it before, wheels fallen off. Can’t wait to hear Jacinda’s next excuse. With her own supporters in South Auckland starting to make disparaging comments against her, this is shaping up to be an interesting week.

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Old Mickey Blue Eyes March 3, 2021
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The mule-toothed communist is pulling out all the stops now. It was all about Covid killing people on Saturday noght & Sunday. Today the ginger gimp said it was all about risk, almost disappointed we didnt have 300 postiive results and 2 people in ICU. Coster & Min Health beaurcrats are political appointees unwillign to bite the hand that feeds them.