Our grubby little Chihuahua is sniffing arses he shouldn’t again.

Obviously he is Golriz Ghahraman’s BFF and has decided to put his little hocico in areas where Golly G and that privileged Maori Marama Davidson like to roam, being the destruction of Israel.

I am of course talking about our privileged Mexican MP who continues his fight for poverty reduction and climate change by now singing for the destruction of israel and the death of Jews.

Well done you despot of a human being.

I wonder what the princess of kindness will have to say about the greens war cry against one of the most persecuted people on earth.

What a little turd

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mcv May 16, 2021
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please can he go to Gaza and support them in person. after telling them he is a poo-pusher, let's see how he's likes Hamas justice.