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“I’ve followed your posts recently, most I agree with, some I don’t but that’s life. One point you’ve highlighted is the current division being pushed by this government between Maori and everyone else. The activists in parliament do not speak for us all. It is not “racist” if Maori do not get the job they applied for even if similarly qualified. Someone else was likely more suitable. It is not “racist” when Maori are convicted of crime. It’s simply a matter of poor choices. The constant push for extra rights to land and funding, accusation of racism over everything that goes wrong for us, the increasing rift being pushed, the almost weekly change in pronunciation of words and place names. Most pushing these changes aren’t old enough to know how life was before the politics. The very worst thing for our language is for so called experts to be critical of people trying to speak it but here we are with politicians and university students telling our own people that we’re pronouncing our own language wrong. Another problem this causes is animosity toward Maori. The word Pakeha does not mean white pig and never has but to say it’s not used as a derogatory term would be wrong. It can be used without offence when offence is not intended. I have English ancestry as well as Maori and I can tell you if any culture in NZ is being trampled out of existence and relevance it’s English and British and it’s the British we owe the most to for our way of life and existence. Maori culture is not under attack by outsiders, it’s under attack by government and our own greedy people who seem to have forgotten what hard work is. I retired a few years back so it’s our young people I worry about living in a country where one group expects everything handed to them by everyone else. One group blaming everyone else for racism when they make the wrong choices.”

May be an image of 12 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says "MAORI SEABED FOR SHORE!"
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Glenda May 18, 2021
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So true the left is in control of the narative so strongly and have active plans to call everyone racist and suppress the right and tear families apart, and by right i mean the right way of thinking. Tried to tell MArgret at the bowls club that her maori mix grandkids are statistically far more likely to go to prison or beat their wives and now I got kicked off my team. My niece demands to be called my nephew SHE”S only 17 and lacking discipline (lefty parents who didn’t smack) so i tried to give HER some and now none of my children pick up the phone when I call and its all because these loopy lefties have gotten to them and im sure they’re online telling them to cut out RIGHT family no matter what, I havent herd from my son since i shared the fossil evidence that maoris weren’t the first people here. Tried to tell my neighbours that battery in their greeny Prius is worse for the planet than petrol and that global warming is MSM and UN and THEY (the sheep) tell ME (the one who does research) im wrong and now they dont feed my cat when i do overnight stays in the hospital for my Sciatica. Thank you Adman Ant and Carl PlanB for delivering the truth for those that can handle it, some of the jokes are a bit off colour for an old girl like me.