You just can’t make this stuff up.

And if you did no one would believe you.

So after spending millions and millions on vaccines that we are now running out of, computer model genius Shaun “we’re all going to die” Hendy has calculated we will never reach herd immunity.

Covid 19 coronavirus: ‘Extremely difficult’ – New herd immunity estimates revealed

Well that’s great to know, maybe you could have calculated that before we went down this journey. You know, the one you started with your model that claimed 88,000 kiwis would perish if we did what Sweden did.

The more we learn about the virus, the more we are subjected to propaganda simply designed to scare.

What we know and suspect with a high probability of accuracy

  • It came from a lab in Wuhan
  • It has a similar effect as a bad flu season, with an IFR of less than 1% for the majority of the population
  • It is a virus from a rapidly mutating variety that most will naturally develop some form of immunity to if they catch it
  • Mutations make long term immunity solutions virtually impossible without the need for annual vaccinations for typically outdated varieties
  • while some varieties are apparently more contagious, there is no evidence of an increase in how lethal they are.
  • Vaccinations have been rushed through on the guise as some sort of saviour to getting back to pre Covid normality
  • Vaccinations unlikely to develop herd immunity due to, among other things, a lack of take up.
  • The current vaccinations are still in the trial phase due to the speed they have been brought to the masses.
  • Although a small percentage, death and injury from the vaccine is way higher than what would normally be considered an acceptable range.
  • Hydroxychloroquine provides protection and viable treatment.
  • Fauci is a two faced liar
  • Masks do virtually nothing, but this doesn’t stop the law makers from recommending them.
  • If you are under the age of 30 you have more chance of dying from virtually anything, including drowning in your bath tub, than the virus ending your life.

I have said from the start that a vaccination program will be futile.

What will the press and politicians talk about if it does start to fade away? – like the last SARS COVI-1 did. There are many leaders who have COVID-19 to thank for their popularity and none more so than Ardern.

This reason alone will make politicians not want to let go.

Ardern yesterday called Covid the single largest threat to New Zealand.

How does she come to that conclusion, is she still believing Henry’s 88,000 claim? Its our Government that is the biggest threat to New Zealand.

And look at the award seeking scientists and Dr’s who have garnered more media attention (that they crave) than all the awards in their trophy cabinet could do for their attention seeking needs.

Being in the lime light is too much of an ego boost for them to let go of.

Michael “did you bring your camera” Baker is all over the place. From wanting lock downs, to claiming he is surprised at lockdowns, to pushing fear of the Delta variant. Hey if the Delta variant was so deadly why have deaths dropped by 450% in India in the past 30 days. I bet you won’t find a headline saying India death rate dropped 450% with virtually none of the population vaccinated.

No those news articles don’t seem to make it.

Or how about UK infection rate skyrocketing even though almost 50% of the population is fully vaccinated. That’s right, in the same time that India’s predominantly unvaccinated population has had a drop of 450% in both new infections and deaths, the UK’s infections have increased by over 1000%.

Of the recent deaths in the UK, reports are saying that up to 60% have received at least 1 vaccination jab and 30% of fatalities were fully vaccinated.

But its ok, because this is a good thing and means its working, Apparently.

Meanwhile in Sweden

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