The Yellow Vests Return!

Following Macron’s announcements last night, French citizens reacted strongly and the hashtag “Gilets Jaunes” (Yellow Vests) has been trending for several hours ✊🏻

Many people all over France are already calling for anti-lockdown/anti-government demonstrations on July 14 / Bastille Day, to oppose Macron.

👉🏻 Note: Macron has announced that Paris will be cordoned off and under lockdown on July 14 : it will not be possible to enter the heart of the city and the parade without the vaccination passport.

🔎 If a large part of the French population has already submitted to vaccination, mainly out of fear or comfort, another large segment of the country remains irreducibly opposed to the vaccine.

📌 Some political observers fear that this divide will degenerate and that the country will fracture along these lines of polarization, perhaps leading to the emergence of a populist movement similar to and equivalent to the yellow vests.

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