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Debbie, why should we be surprised that this is happening. The not so subtle moves to promote racial division and now, town v country is only part of a greater socialist agenda. I’m deeply saddened by the recent acceleration in changes of attitude and division. My background involved being raised in a freezing works town, we all went to school together, played as kids together, worked together, supported each other, respected each other regardless of race or socio-economics and developed strong lifelong friendships. I’ve already been accused by some radicalised, (part) Maori kid that “youz fullas killed our people and stole our land “, so is that now required ‘teaching’ in schools?I never did that, my parents never did that, my grandparents never did that. What is historically true is that the Maori practice of slavery and cannibalism ie killing and thieving, stopped on or around the signing of the Treaty.The debate still rages, of course, with historically inconvenient ‘evidence’ now buried and embargoed, history books being removed from libraries, as to whether Maori are the indigenous race, but it’s past history, it happened. Fact. We’re all meant to be pulling together. Instead, we now have an increasingly divided nation encouraged by a ‘leadership’ politically skilled in using Covid 19 as a diversion. We, all New Zealanders, allow this to continue at the risk of irreparable damage to our iconic country.

We will all be losers.

By Peter Budden in response to the below statement

Debbie Ngarewa Packer posted…

With what was today’s protest about…Ute tax or anti-Māori!!?? Some of those racist land grabbers didn’t mind “ramming the profits of Māori whenua down their throats” for generations after the crown stole our whenua and illegally displaced our whānau! Or polluted our awa! What a shameful display from someone in a sector reliant on tangata whenua relationships

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