Steepen the curve!

The supposed reason for lockdowns wasn’t to stop the inevitable spread of a virus, but to slow the spread so as to prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed. Isn’t it false economy to shut down the majority of trade, for the sake of hospitals when you could just put more resources into even temporary hospital facilities- none of which was done with the billions the government borrowed last year! Since it’s accepted that lockdowns could only slow not stop the spread, why extend the pain when we could get it over and done with fast! I say we all go out and spread it more- germ theory states that a persons immunity is built through exposure, not wearing masks, gloves and hiding from the sun like Michael Jackson! On an individual and collective level, a more sterile environment is a less healthy one. A prime reason most people are deficient in B12 for instance is lack of exposure to soil, overly sanitised food and water sources. I say we do the opposite of social distancing and mask wearing, let’s steepen the curve and get this over with, by natural immunity regardless of the casualties. After all the political left say there are too many humans and population reduction is the ultimate way to curb emissions- so why do they suddenly want to keep the naturally compromised alive- unless it’s they who are the compromised that nature would select against? Lockdowns are the answer for those intolerant of risk, a literal “wrap yourself in cotton wool” mentality which ignores all other unintended consequences such as millions in the third world starving due to their reliance on our economies. This would have never been the response 100 year ago and never was, only a feminised, fear based, low confidence society could ever entertain this approach for days, weeks and now years!

By Will Ryan

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Avi Yemini @OzraeliAvi Stop blaming the vaccine rollout for these lockdowns. Israel has one of the highest vaccinated populations and still recorded over 800 cases yesterday. We're in lockdown over 16 cases. So nothing will change when we hit vaccine targets. Lockdowns won't end until WE end them."
May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Avi Yemini @OzraeliAvi Remember, the reason we have to lockdown is to ensure the hospital system doesn't get overwhelmed. There are currently ZERO Victorians in hospital for Covid-19. I guess ONE patient would be too overwhelming. Let's just keep 6M people in jail."
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