History was made!

So there you have it folks! Facing stiff competition from China, USA, Australia & Great Britain Laurel Hubbard’s lack luster performance will go down in history as an embarrassing stain on the Olympics & common sense. The fact she was totally outclassed means little & will come as great relief to the absolute machines that took 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

Wonder who chose the opening music for Laurel??

AC/DC – “If You Want Blood”

with the lyrics…..

“It’s criminal, there ought to be a law”

Was Laurel Hubbard really the best female weight lifter New Zealand could muster?

Or was this more woke bullshit being pushed from above?

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Old.Mickey.Blue.Eyes August 2, 2021
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I tuned in out of curiosity but stayed to see the amazing biological women lift.  before the comp and backstage 9 competitors focused and warming up. 1 was waving at the camera. guess who ? heres a clue - that competitor did not make a legal snatch and was eliminated.  Trouble with the snatch seems to be the cause of all of Laurels issues.