The real game

Who knows who the puppets are and who are the villains. But have no doubt, after you see my logic in the numbers below, you may start to believe there is a different reason to this panick over Delta. Given the facts about Delta you may even become suspicious that the real reason this virus is being treated like the second coming, is to scare us into willingly being track and traced. Slowly guiding us towards having a global credit score system like the Chinese use on their citizens.

The UN have been pushing for a global digital identity for the worlds citizens for years

Those of you who used to think, “that will never happen” are either now too scared to be anything but compliant, or are standing back and thinking about George Orwell.

Vaccine passports are the catalyst for the socialists at the UN to finally get to tag the herd.

Complicit Governments and leaders claim, this is now the pandemic of the unvaccinated. They want to divide us into those that are vaccinated – who can enjoy freedom. And the rest, who can stay away from the joys of society. join in with your global passport or don’t get to live among the rest. Divide and conquer

Well lets firstly look at some data from Israel .


Doesnt look like the pandemic of the unvaccinated. In fact the vaccinated are more dangerous as they wonder about socialising and feeling free. All the while being (after a short time) susceptible to infections again. Look at the data above from the Irael Ministry of Health

The vaccine lasts but a few weeks. meanwhile the unvaccinated who have caught the disease, are the ones who afford the best protection. Funny that, imagine natural immunity being the best line of defence.

But you might die! the scared will say, and they do.

How could you propose such a hairbrained idea of suggesting that as many people catching the Delta Variant, is actually the best thing we could do?

Truth is, I am not qualified to say if we would be better off all getting a dose of delta and move on with our lives. But I like to analyse the numbers, and I know where to find official data rather than propaganda.

Based on the latest data out of the UK, approximately 5% of positive cases go to hospital and out of the 5% that went to hospital 0.16% died. This is based on the new infections from February to August 2 in the UK.

So what if we used the UK data to model what may happen here. If we with continue with the vaccine roll out and let those who want to take the vaccine take it, and those that don’t, not take it. and then stop lock downs and open the borders, what would likely happen with Delta.

We know many people have natural immunity to it, so even if we just stopped caring about it (and got on with our lives), not everyone will catch it.

Lets use Michael bakers figure of 60% of the population would be infected if left unabated. from his peer revied paper on April 3, 2020

3,000,000 people now have got it, 5% will visit the hospital being150,000.

Going on the stats out of the UK from the NHS, we would get 2,579 people that would be required to be admitted to hospital over night.

Remember, this is not all at once, this would be over the course of 6 months or longer. We would want to manage this spread as best as possible to actually flatten the curve.

If it were over 6 months, we would have 833 hospital visits per day. Of which then 14 per day on average would require at least an overnight stay.

Could we cope with this? We have circa 14,000 hospital beds in NZ. Pretty piss poor and given Robbo had $50 Billion that got whittled down to $5 Billion as a “COVID war chest”, you would have liked to think this number got increased. But Chicken salad can not be obtained from the rear evacuated remanences of a chickens lunch.

However, if we got 14 people people admitted per day and they lasted a week on average in Hospital. That would be a need of 686 beds permanently for COVID while it lasts.

Could we achieve this with the $45 Billion Robbo spent on school lunches and jobs for Greenies etc?

The fatality rate from all cases of Delta, that went to hospital was 0.16% for the general population. When all is said and done, we would lose 240 people. they will be our fallen angles.

This is the reality of Delta.

Delta is not as deadly as the previous version. If we look at the Alpha virus this had a Hospitalisation fatality rate of 1.9% making it more than 10 times as deadly. Data downloadable below

Delta could be the gift from the Corona Virus to keep us alive. Remember it doesn’t suit the virus for us all to die.

It would be great to throw that cat among our epidemiologist pigeons when they are discussing the impact of lockdowns.

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