Shaun “Lock ‘Em All Down” Hendy strikes again

The Herald reports

Our computer modelling team are worried. Funny that, a computer modeller worried about something. Does that remind you of anything climate like?

Hendy’s first claim to fame, was when he computer modelled his way to predicting 88,000 kiwis to perish from COVID-19.

The recent receiver of the Prime Ministers Science Award is now suggesting we should shut down supermarkets.

I guess he may now want to model how many people will starve to death, how many will riot in the streets and how long toilet paper supply will last, with those kinds of suggestions.

I can hear the pitter patter of tiny minds feet racing to the toilet roll isles as we speak. I cant wait for more suggestions to the public from New Zealand’s decorated theoretical Physicist.

Perhaps he should model the likelihood of catching the virus if we all held our breath for two weeks.

Or will he finally contribute something worthy of a PM science award. Don’t hold your breath!

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Old.Mickey.Blue.Eyes August 29, 2021
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I bet people wonder if Hendy was the sort of kid that was picked on and bullied at school because he was a f@@khead.  I can confirm that at Palmy Boys High Hendy was indeed the butt of many jokes and bullying. While I don't condone bullying and was not part of it, I can see the consequences clearly.  Hendy is taking great pleasure in torturing the population from his own self-made Ivory tower with his snout in the public purse.   I can only ask, has that little c$$t been right about anything ? 80,000 dead - nope, 1000 cases in 1st week of delta - nope.  Please, anyone, just name one thing he has been right about ?  If he had any self-awareness he would hide his head in shame for his lack of accuracy. even a broken watch is right twice a day....this c##t would be lucky if he was right once in 100 years. He is an average physicist, his population models are just fairytales made to suit the narrative of his paymaster.  When the people riot in the streets, I hope this prick will be among the 1st hoist by his own petard.