Crypto Asset News Update!

It’s another cold spring morning in paradise & we have some good news for you, so…Letsssss goooo!

1) Whales have bought an additional 44,393 Bitcoin this week, $2 Billion worth! And exchange supply is down another 25,733 this week, some $1.1 Billion worth!

2) The hash rate for BTC continues to rise & miners have sold an additional 467 BTC totalying a shade over $21 Million, but not to panic, just to pay the bills!

Top Cryptocurrency News On September 10: Major Stories On Bitcoin,  Regulations And El Salvador

3) While we’ve had a wee dump there really has never been a better time to buy! For some they struggle to get their heads around dips & dumps, celebrate them! If you are in a position to snap them up then congrats to you! Michael Sonnenshein is the CEO of Greyscale which is the worlds largest Cryptocurrency fund managers by assets & he just said other countries are likely to to join El Salvador. Matt Hougan, CIO of Bitwise said “it’s the greatest time to enter the Crypto market! Why would you want to buy when the price is on the rise!

4) Contact Energy are planning a Crypto Mining operation in the South Island, near Clyde Dam! Seems not all are happy about it as they have left out the word “Crypto” when talking about a “Data Centre” which local Software engineer Oscar McNoe of Dunedin says will hike up electricity prices for locals! The agreement signed with UK company “Lake Parime” was for Contact to supply 10MW of renewable electricity to operate the planned low-emissions data centre. That’s approx 10,000 homes worth annually!

5) The market cap sits a little over $2 Trillion, up from $1,192 Trillion on the 21st July, the launch date of the “2nd wind” for the 2020/21 Bullrun! We are nearly 3 times the MC from just 1 year ago! So the question remains! Where from here? Short term, don’t be surprised to see some choppy water but mid term & long term it’s never looked better! Great for traders & long term hodler alike!

6) Ethereum 2.0 upgrade won’t arrive until late 2022, the POS (Proof of Stake) is delayed but apparently it’s not for technical reasons. Will we see continual outflow over to Solana due to the MASSIVE speed difference & hugely less expensive gas fees? Eth lost some 6,500 miners, likened to low scale “civil war” as Vitalik desires to reduce it’s power consumption.

7) Gaming Crypto’s! How many of you are looking into this space? When people mention “what use case does any blockchain have”, well the gaming space quickly & simply answers that one! Gaming is already a multibillion dollar industry that is set to blow people away with how Blockchain turns the entire model on its head with “Play to Earn”! I personally have a good sized holding in The Sand Box aka SAND token & recently picked up the dip! I am also bullish on MANA token aka Decentraland & “Derace”, a horse racing game is also interesting! One chap recently breed & trained up a stable of horses & sold them before they were even raced for $250,000 USD! And a new kid on the block that looks promising is “Star Atlas”, launching on the Solana network soon. This is very similar in its structure of “Play to Earn” with 3 factions in Space enjoying an uneasy alliance in what is described as a space Opera MMO with cinematic like graphics where players control the markets & dictate the ebb & flow of goods & products. Land owners can build a wide variety of structures. Land is taxed to encourage players to develop rather than “land bank”. Find links below to all of these Crypto games & check them out, there is so much more detail in these to cover here!!! For investing in these types of projects I wouldn’t be looking to hodl long term as games can easily come & go over time. At least that’s my approach to this type of Crypto.

Star Atlas Token Sale Details Revealed | by Star Atlas | Star Atlas | Aug,  2021 | Medium

8) Switzerland has given the go ahead to another Crypto trading exchange, “SDX” who will allow investors via regulated institutions, trade, settle & store digital assets. This type of main street adoption just keeps coming! So while we get news of Gary the grease ball Ginsler now threatening Coinbase we get continual big institutional support! Can’t help but be bullish!

9) Facebook tries to state its case for its own Crypto again but the Biden administration is not on the same page! The Zuck has rebranded the project & given it an overhaul, now called “Diem” which is an adverb for “for each day” & is at arms length but it seems they aren’t buying the line that it is independent of Marks company! Sources close to the project say he isn’t giving up and is aggressively lobby’s Politicians as we speak!

10) Scams, they are everywhere! Ignore anyone in the chat section of ANY site including right here! There are lots of scammers posting nonsense scams & will sometimes use our logo’s so look like this page! And under no circumstances will this page EVER ask you for money or private message you in order to invest! This page is a media outlet, we don’t offer financial advice & will NOT EVER ask for money. Stick to the basic rules of buy only from a trusted exchange, not sure which ones, just ask!





Star Atlas:

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