Fauci and the FDA decision

Biden announced that it’s booster time one month ago with the caveat that it would be subject to approval of the FDA.

Many no doubt assumed it would be approved given that they approved the Pfizer vaccine. Even though this turned out to be of a non available version of the vaccine.

But most people just assume that all is good because governments and big Pharma never lie.

But then the FDA said no to the booster shots. Israelis lining up for their 4th booster shot may want to listen to the FDA hearing, where the majority of the experts on the panel said the health risks are too high to justify more shots.

Oh dear Mt Fauci what do you say about “the science”

Seems the science was that because the vaccines have failed to stop transmission and have a large amount of adverse effects that they could not justify approving the booster shot.

That is what the science is telling the scientists.

So 2 shots are okay for emergency use but 3 shots are not.

Meanwhile the approved vaccine is no where to be seen.

And they wonder why people are untrusting of the claims around efficacy and safety.

But hey I’m just a silly conspiracy theorist. What would I know?

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