Take Another Look

If you’ve only recently awoken from your slumber and realised that the media is a mouthpiece for the left, and only has its own political interests at heart, then now is a good time to look back at previous media campaigns you may have fallen for with a new perspective.

During the last election the media ran one of the worst smear campaigns ever seen in New Zealand history. This campaign targeted the New Conservative Party. Labelled as having “ties to white nationalists” and as a racist party even though their party is multi cultural with a Samoan 2ic.They had their policy on Māori completely reframed and misrepresented in viral posts that enraged New Zealanders and none of it was true.

All you had to do was read their actual polices and try to find these “ties to white nationalism” and you’d have realised after about 10 minutes of research that’s it was all lies. Anyway, this is now a party standing in isolation from the rest, the only party considering ALL the science, and the only party willing to stand up for our rights.

I suggest giving them another look.


New Conservative Party | New Zealand
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