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I showed my 96yr old father the medsafe adverse reaction register that gives weekly reporting and showed him the last one that stated sadly 11 deaths reported this week and all the adverse reactions. He was shocked and was led to believe by the media that only i person had died in nz.

I then showed him links for the previous weeks and he was stunned and said why isnt the media talking about this. Perhaps we need to direct more people to this medsafe register as it is a NZ Govt site so has credibility for those who had no idea that this register of adverse reactions even exists. \

Maybe then people would discuss within their famies and friends, keep checking the register themselves or start calling talk back and discuss these findings. Earlier today a cafe owner was promoting the Jab to me saying how safe it was so I took out my phone and showed him the register – he initially thought it was a fake conspiracy website so I got him to check himself. He too was gobsmacked and pondered why the media and govt arent telling people.

Lets direct others to the site as i immediately saw how powerful that was as apposed to just saying…people died as others think that is incorrect

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