Enough of the tyranny

The farmers are planning the mother of all protests on November 21.

The week between this action and the December 1 freedom day should be used to support one other to resuming life as we knew it.

Your children will never experience the freedoms you give up.

It is now time to take back our freedom. Stop the division, stop the lock downs and stop the build back better reset bullshit driven with fear.

The saying Rome wasn’t build in a day can be applied to the socialist agenda being rolled out across the globe right now. Particularly with the so called “future leaders” ruled countries who really need a reality check on their grand plan of castrations the working class.

We know the health risk, now we get on with life before we lose more than the worst a 99.99 survivable virus can do.

Take back your freedom!

You can still continue with whatever measures you feel is required to stay healthy but do you need to stay closed, do you need to police the health status of your fellow kiwi? The resounding answer is no.

Show the sheep such as the law firms, accountants and government departments that they are wrong forcing people to comply with unscientific policies.


More to come

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