The vital and pivotal difference between Totalitarian states, dictatorships, banana republics etc. and our civilised Western world has always been a reliable, strong and impartial judicial system and the ultimate rule of law.

The creation of which law has been guided by necessity, but always within the principles of momentous documents like initially the Magna Carta for Commonwealth countries, for Americans their constitution and more recently for us the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

While the NZ Bill of rights has never been binding on any government history shows that successive administrations have been clearly been very mindful of its provisions and protections. We are now under a Government that has sidelined all that and we are basically now an unprotected citizenry.

By virtue of their unassailable parliamentary majority the present Government is riding roughshod over our protections and either decreeing laws that don’t exist, like this one, or just changing them in an accelerated process with no accountability whatsoever. The Prime Minister also has given herself the power to suspend elections – because of the pandemic.

We can all argue the merits and severity of this pandemic, the benefits or damage of the vaccines or whether its real or a global fabrication, but even in the worst case is it worth handing over our future and personal safety from overbearing Government that we may never get back? Is it worth destroying our previous lifestyles over?

Is it worth the prospect of people (now lawfully) simply barging into your home or business to see if you’re behaving?

Oh OK then, if you’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide…

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