Get Stuffed, Stuff

The media outlet Stuff, which is becoming more of a propaganda outlet of dodgy science and all things Ardern, has shared an article which is as ludicrous as it is (so called) hate speech.

The headline is you are 20 times more likely to catch COVID from your unvaccinated friend.

The vaccinated catch a special type of COVID now that is not as transmissible?

About the only honest part of the shared article is that this is an evolving situation and likely to change.

So for a period of time the vaccinated are less likely to catch the virus and they have a lesser degree of the infection in the most part.

So we can vilify the unvaccinated and treat them like the Nazis treated the Jews or riddle me this…

If you were a immunologically compromised person, would you rather eat at a restaurant with 100% unvaccinated people who had all tested negative that day to the virus. Or would you rather eat at a restaurant with 100% vaccinated people who you have no idea if they are infected or not?

Rather than increasing the pressure on the unvaccinated, wouldn’t it make more sense to provide the tools that will help those that need it.

In many places it is the vaccinated that are the spreaders and this is obviously more prominent in area with high vaccination up take. However the interesting fact is that the vaccinated are even more represented on a per/100,000 basis.

The table below shows that the vaccinated are infected at a high mer rate than the unvaccinated.

So how does that fit into the headline?

Further more you will sea that for the under 18 age group the risk is the same for vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The same can not be said for the vaccine.

The FDA has given the green light to jab the 5 to 11 age group. Statistically this makes no sense.

We know issues like myocarditis is something more prominent in younger people. Given the number of adverse reactions including death, It is a statistical certainty that the vaccine will cause more harm than the virus. Got the younger age group.

Adverse events happen around 1 per 300 jabs, these are predominantly mild issues such as dizziness and headaches, More serious adverse reactions occur at a rate of 1 per 2,643 for a double jabbed person.

Out of the adverse reactions that are serious 9.2% will die. This means that 1 in 28,782 vaccinated children will die from an adverse reaction to their jabs.

Compare this to the percentage of deaths from the virus in the 5 to 11 age group.

Data has 1.9 million children in the 5-11 age with a confirmed infections with COVID in the US since the pandemic started. Of these, 92 have died. Or 0.00012. However the reality is there are 28 million children in this age group in the US and many many more will have had symptomless infections.

Let’s say 70 % of this population gets double jabbed. That will result in 680 deaths based on the adverse reaction data to date.

If the 0.00012 figure was used then you could argue that 3,360 children could die in this age group. However it is estimated that 40% of children in this age group have had COVID, so let’s assume that 11.2 million children have caught it with 92 deaths.

At that rate we have an actual IFR of 0.00000821. This multiplied out by 28 million children gives us 389 deaths. Just shy of 300 less than adverse reactions.

Once again this vaccination roll out makes no sense epidemiologically speaking.

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