Stuff signs propaganda pledge

Nice headline

We’ve always been committed to insistent climate change coverage. Now we’re renewing our vows.

Stuff has decided the science is settled, again, on climate change and has pledged to only promote one side of the argument. How scientific.

Stuff has joined a few other rags that are predominantly pushing the lefty globalist ideals.

In what can only be delivery of more of the same government backed propaganda, as people’s enthusiasm of listening to the doom of Covid wanes, we will soon be back to getting angry at CO2.

And not only is it going to be nothing but climate change news, but it’s going to be promoted as an emergency. This is when you know you are dealing with ideological activist journalism.

And of course we know what politicians like to do under urgency using emergency powers.

No wonder when Fairfax was sold they didn’t want a bar of Stuff. Sold for a dollar funded by the tax payer works for the government. Yeah quality journalism there

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