Can we believe anything the CDC says?

Today I was thinking about the recent study that the CDC released as a pre release. I had thought it seemed just too counterintuitive and even made me wonder about whether the vaccine is actually making more people ill from the virus.

You only need to look at the UK stats coming out, where it is now virtually a full blown pandemic of the vaccinated. But I digress.

The CDC study claimed that the vaccine offered better immunity than natural immunity which starkly contradicts the recent larger Israel study, which found natural immunity much better than the vaccine.

knowing a bit about the immune system I couldn’t fathom that this would be the case and it seems I am not alone. Some minds much smarter than mine also agree.

Harvard Medical School epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff tweeted that the study has a “major statistical flaw” — falsely portraying hospitalized respiratory patients as “representative of the population” — which renders the odds ratio “wrong.”

Immunologist Hooman Noorchashm, the medical expert for multiple NCLA challenges, called the study “another teleological piece of propaganda” by the CDC…

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Old.Mickey.Blue.Eyes November 8, 2021
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this song is fantastic.   The powers that be are trying their best to hide and mask this song. Are they worried that it will be #1 on spotify?  Not quite the narrative the mule toothed communist and her henchman want in the public.  Listen. Share. Like.