Joe Rogan hard right winger?

I didn’t realise Bernie Sanders supporters were hard right wing.

I suspect that is fake news Grant Robertson. Probably best not to lie about something when you are trying to convince people that you yourself aren’t full of the horses shit.

But it’s hard to lie and lie and lie and have people believe you isn’t it?

Rogan called it as he saw it. It was a nasty PM showing her kindness is as much of a lie as all the other fins that are mounting up.

What Joe Rogan has done is something many liberals are doing. He is waking up to the nonsense that is the current left wing politician. The likes of Russell Brand, Dave Rubin and Tim Pool have all joined the likes of Joe Rogan in sliding away from their liberal left wing leaning style and gone more in the middle.

Of course to Robertson the middle is the far right.

I wonder who would win a popularity contest between Robbo and Joe…or Joe and Tova, or Joe and anyone of those Labour ministers.

Another gem from the podium of truth

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