Just a small minority

schmee writes

As we are about to enter a new era of discrimination, with  Prime Minister adamant the protesters are in the minority, lets look at a couple of numbers.

Assuming she succeeds in bullying 90% of the population over 15 to the get vaccine. That leaves unvaccinated, for whatever reason, around 335,000 adult voters and consumers outside of the mandate. ((5.1M * 65.3% (O15) * 10%)  And if you accept the stratification of age groups the majority of whom are in their earning prime.

If we follow the methodologies of the State Funded Propaganda Facilitators (SFPS) and simply jump to some unsubstantiated conclusions, the unvaccinated will eventually buckle to peer pressure and get vaccinated. But will they? I have half a dozen friends who support a general Do Not Disclose position and will similarly boycott business that support the Vax certificate mandates (all I suspect are vaccinated). In the last 6 hours 2 have cancelled Domestic travel and all 6 have cashed out their Airpoints making Air NZ convert their dormant Airpoints into products Air NZ now have to purchase and deliver (Air NZ announced they just had to borrow from their owner another $50 Mill to support operations, remember their owner is the ‘gummint’. I get they are trying to facilitate the unvaccinated by getting them to produce a test, they/you are still having to make a confidential medical disclosure.

Remember the truth of this one, a pedo-file with permission to travel does not have to tell Air NZ they are a pedo-file, as a convicted criminal their right to privacy is guaranteed in law (I know an extreme example – perhaps I could have used former(?) coke-heads).

Here’s a question,  why don’t the police have to be vaccinated,  is it because they are not important frontline workers? Or is it that their refusal will see them ‘Perfed’ from the force at an almost uncountable cost to the taxpayer, in cash and safety risk to the public?  

So where is this going?  The use another SFPF technique, some passive aggressive ridiculing.  An intelligent person would support a Non-Disclosure programme and support the 335,000 + Kiwis who are demonstrating free choice.  Are you intelligent?      

If you are not a supporter of personal freedoms fine that’s your choice (get it)

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