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In the past 30 days Ardern’s fan club has reduced by a quite a margin.

Her preferred Prime Minister stakes dropped to 34%. It still makes her the most popular choice as leader but the drop is anything but insignificant

To put that drop of eligible voters into numbers that we can all imagine, every day of the past 31 days has seen 12,400 voters decide that Ardern is not my preferred PM.

It is 2 seasons of home game crowds for the NZ Warriors, assuming no under 18 year olds were in the crowd.

It is the entire city population of Christchurch (the south Islands most populous city) again assuming no under 18’s lived there

In one month Ardern has pissed off her fan base so much, that more than one third of her supporters said no more are you the one for me.

What will be more concerning for the PM and something for her detractors to celebrate, is the subsequent followers of the crowd leaving this statistic of most preferred PM. The ones who aren’t entrenched in the day to day politics of NZ, the ones that listen to their work colleagues and hear the smoko gossip that her popularity is tanking.

They will then easily be dissuaded of supporting Ardern as the sentiment changes to animosity rather than adulation. The next time something they find unappealing from her, or her government, the likely conversation they will have with themselves is that, so and so is right, she is a piece of work.

The bigger you are, the harder the fall can be, and it might be tough for the Kween of Kind to handle life as a fart in a space suit.

Just ask Andrew Little

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