It Was Predicted You Know?

It is reported today that as Europe faces new Covid surges and that as the double (triple and quadruple) vaxx(xx)ed clog hospitals and morgues, some European countries are looking to make it public policy to discriminate specifically against the unvaccinated (for not clogging the hospitals and morgues I assume – especially in Israel and the UK))

As we become inured to the ongoing propaganda it is almost a SO WHAT headline, logic dictates (as they sell it) a move to more complicity and collectivism.  So why a polemic? 

Well its not going to be a rant, it is an observation, as the two countries leading the way in the new ANTI edicts are Germany and Austria.  

Good news is for the progression of the collective is that these two countries are recognized experts at creating systemic victimization. Hell, I believe they were even able to start a war many many years ago, in ancient 20th century history.   Who (or perhaps only the WHO) would have thought they would get another chance to lead the way and show the world how to subjugate, ostracize, criminalize and punish a segment of their society for exercising freedom of choice (perhaps they will again get to Ghetto’s, special camps and squads hunting them down – I guess if we are lucky, always good to watch the professionals in action) .    

Perhaps then,  JA can latch on to her new female idol (sorry Helen) and follow Angela, and adopt whatever draconian measures she dictates over Germany. The good news is, as history tells us, at least she will be copying the real experts this time (some argue she already is, but this might be the clincher).

So why the Star Trek reference?  Well interestingly it is quite common for authors to look at Star Trek and go ‘hey look at the flip phone it was like the communicators on Star Trek’, or the video calling. There are multiple examples. But the basic premise is it was predicted on Star Trek (there a better points the Labour – (lucky pun)).   

So what else might Star Trek have predicted, certainly not mindless subservience involving the loss of free thought, individuality and absolute mindless collectivism, that might be too deep (????????). 

So (final so), instead of me referring people to a reading list of Smiths Dream (Sleeping dogs movie), The dictators playbook (History documentary of the same name.) and Machiavelli’s The Prince (sorry no tele show, a real book, lots of words no pictures – Stalin’s favorite), I am going to make it easier for you to understand your transition from just plain subservience to being a mindless puppet in the collective.  Watch all the Start Trek (Mostly Voyager) episodes that contain the Borg.      

Main steam media cant have a problem with this post, it has to be true, firstly history is back in cycle, but most importantly and it was predicated on Star Trek (the MOST implacable source of truth)


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